How to stop and overcome procrastination as an entrepreneur?

by Jennifer Chamberlin
January 2023


You have written down the important tasks to be done, but on the big day you can't get seem to get started? No energy, no motivation. And yet you have to do them. The problem is that as an entrepreneur, no one is going to check up on you or force you to work, and the consequences of your inaction can be very unpleasant.

Procrastination (from the Latin prefix pro meaning “forward” and crastinus “of tomorrow”) is the ball and chain of discipline. It is the habit of putting things off until the next day, or even weeks or months.

It is necessary, first of all, to be aware of it, not to hide from it, and to realize that we procrastinate, which is not always so obvious.

The 1st secret to fight procrastination: pleasure

Envision a happy prospect to any action. Don't look at the task but think about the results and what it will bring you. We can project and imagine ourselves at that moment. If you are an entrepreneur, learn what your favourite entrepreneurs have had to deal with.

Overcoming procrastination is about tackling the mental loop

I believe the phenomenon is universal. You have a task planned. You put it off day after day. Days become weeks, which in turn become months. You are haunted by this action that must be performed. The only way to close the loop is to act.

It's quite unpleasant, this kind of reminder that the brain gives us. And what do you think is the way to break free?

Divide the task into smaller ones

Dividing the actions can also be a very good way to avoid the feeling of facing a mountain.

For example, I put off creating my website for several months, I always had better things to do. My business was running without it, so I felt it would be good to do it, but not immediately essential. I finally planned the site as several tasks spread over several days, and this allowed me to move forward at a rate of 30 minutes a day. It felt more doable and I was no longer procrastinating.

So if the task is important, visualise its execution in a series of small actions. And why not do one a day.

Always savour the victory and small steps

To sum up, have high ambitions but know how to start small. And always from the point of view of pleasure. Don't forget to envision the happy consequences of your actions. Or the unfortunate consequences of your inaction.

And above all, every time:

- Be kind to yourself. Being demanding with yourself does not mean being intransigent. Learn to forgive yourself if you encounter a few failures.

- Reward yourself after every victory. This is also very stimulating.

Personally, I’ve observed that after the first steps, many actions become habits. This personal gratification, in addition to being an individual victory, is also a powerful motor for new objectives.

If you’d like to know how working with a VA can support you in overcoming procrastination then send me an email or a DM today and we can arrange a power hour session where I’ll share my tips and tricks with you.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash