Combatting loneliness as an entrepreneur

by Jennifer Chamberlin
December 2022


Entrepreneurship is an adventure like no other. If you are interested in this field and have done your research, you are probably familiar with the terms freedom, choice, pride, money and networking. You are also probably familiar with one, if not THE biggest pain point of entrepreneurship: loneliness! This month, we focus on some solutions to combat it!

1 - Surround yourself with the right people

It is essential to surround yourself with the right people when you create your business, but also in life in general. No one has all the answers, and everyone has their own zones of genius. It is imperative to quickly find advice from the right people, which can be why some people decide to hire or delegate certain tasks very quickly. When we work alone, we sometimes spend hours on a subject, whereas a single remark from a colleague can unblock a situation in 5 minutes, and this allows us to have an outside view on our project. It is also very important to maintain a strong social life, to see family and friends often, to relax, and not to spend the day alone.

2 - Join entrepreneurial groups

There are many entrepreneurs' groups, both virtual and "real", on social networks, or regional groups, both free and paid. This allows you to exchange with other people who have the same problems and believe me, you are not alone! Some groups also offer training, which allows you to stay informed on topics. It's also a good way to talk about your business and meet other people.

3 - Participate in company events

There's nothing like afterwork parties, business days and networking lunches to talk about your business and meet other people. Even if you tell yourself that these people won't be your clients, they may one day become one, or know someone who might be. Networking is definitely not to be underestimated! It is a powerful tool, as long as you know how to be yourself and foster relationships, and that is a real skill to develop!

4 - Working from a different place

Working from somewhere other than your home has several advantages. You get out of your routine, you go to a new place, and you meet, again, other entrepreneurs in the case of a co-working space, which gives you a new opportunity to exchange with them. You can also work from a café, restaurant, hotel lobby, if it is allowed and if they have internet. I noticed that working from a public place attracts curiosity and people ask what I do, again, here I am talking about my business!

There are several solutions to combat loneliness when you are an entrepreneur working alone. The idea is really to get out of your house, meet people, discover new places, and all this will help you create your network as you go along.