Finding a balance as an entrepreneur/business owner

by Sophie Roussel-Berger
September 2021


Running a business is not easy. You must have had a few glimpses of it since you started. Being an entrepreneur means you must think about everything in order to keep your business alive. Between the stress that this generates, the fatigue that accumulates, athe lack of time for yourself and your family, you can quickly feel overwhelmed. Just like you, I have been in these situations!

First, you must find the right balance that will allow you to live both your professional and personal lives stress-free.

Find the right organization

For this, you first need a tailor-made organization to manage all tasks with a minimum of friction and obviously meet the needs of your customers, your employees, and your company. An entrepreneur like you dedicates about 50 hours a week to their work, so they might as well be enjoyable!

Remember your dreams

It is important for you to draw energy from your original motivations, the ones that pushed you to embark on entrepreneurship and to devote yourself to it, so that your business grows in line with your expectations. You must remember what you really wanted in the first place, remember your dreams. These are what will remind you of your "why", the reason you are here today. You set yourself a challenge to create your business and had a very specific goal that led you to make that big decision to embark on this adventure. Remember the excitement you felt at the idea of running YOUR OWN business! Wasn't it magical? You took risks, so you should take complete satisfaction and pride in them. If you have doubts about this, it is essential that you refocus and go back to square one, to the very beginning of your story, to find other solutions for time management, stress, and the different possibilities available to you.

Take time for yourself

All those hours spent thinking, managing, negotiating, optimizing and developing your products or services are intense. You need to recharge and disconnect. A weekend in the countryside, a game of bowling, or a meal with friends are as essential as signing a contract. You also need to take care of yourself and enjoy some pampering in order to replenish your energy and be more productive. You must realize that you enjoy working ­— you must be happy to dedicate yourself to your business despite the difficulties you sometimes encounter.

Delegate to increase your productivity

Life as a business owner is difficult. You must also learn to delegate so that you can devote yourself entirely to your work and surround yourself with collaborators who share the same values as you. We all need support and assistance to make our projects a reality. Trust in your assistants, as they can only help you in fulfilling your needs.

Have a long-term vision

Look further ahead. This will help you set yourself goals over a longer period and you can organize projects according to the time you have given yourself. This will help you to be more comfortable and detach yourself from daily pressures. To see further is to give yourself the time and the means to get there.

Finding the right balance as a business owner means asking yourself the right questions at the right time, and not letting yourself get overwhelmed. It is a life choice that has come along and upset your daily life and your way of seeing the world. You have chosen to dedicate your life to it to achieve your goal, so don’t forget that you must also live it!

In summary, to be in perfect osmosis with your work you must take time for yourself, surround yourself with trusted people, make good decisions, delegate to better manage your business, and occasionally question yourself. But above all, never forget why, that day, you chose to create your company. Your balance? The pleasure of being a business owner.

Translation: Jess Brown