10 tips to successfully use SEO for your VA website

by Jennifer Chamberlin
June 2021


As a Virtual Assistant, you are selling your time. You need to make sure that potential clients find you and trust in your skills. One way to do this is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO can give you an edge over other virtual assistants who may not be taking the right steps with their websites. This blog post will discuss how to use SEO for your Virtual Assistant website, so read on!

This article will provide you with a few tips to help your Virtual Assistant website rank higher on the search engines. You don't want it buried in Google's supplemental results!

Tip # 1: Use Keyword Research Tools

Find out what keywords people are using when they search for someone like you and optimize your site. This is also known as "keyword research". If potential clients know about you before they find other more expensive, time-consuming options, this can give them an edge of confidence that allows them to contact you first. Not only does this save fuel costs but also saves their valuable time too!

Tip # 2: Make your own list of keywords you want to focus on

It's good to know the keywords you are trying to rank for, but it can be difficult to come up with them all on your own. A keyword list is important because what if one of those words doesn't perform well? You don't want that!

Tip # 3: Use only one keyword per page

You want to rank for as many keywords as possible, but it's important not to use more than one keyword per page. This will help your website avoid being penalized and provide a better user experience by offering targeted content that is relevant to the user searching for information on those terms.

Tip # 4: Write high-quality posts with rich metadata

A good post includes title tags, meta descriptions, images (especially if you are using SEO), video embeds or links in order to grab a searcher’s attention before they click off of your site. You also want them coming back again because this helps increase rankings! The easier you make it for people who have never heard of you or your service, the higher chance for you to get a new customer.

Tip # 5: Quality content is key

While you might be tempted to create a bunch of pages that will rank for lots of different keywords, this actually can work against you in the long run; Google penalizes sites with "thin" or duplicate contents and those which are low quality. Instead, focus on creating one high-quality page so that it does well in its respective SERP rather than trying to cover up your lack of knowledge by having many low-quality pages ranking for various search terms.

Tip # 6: Create valuable content at least once per month

If someone lands on your website looking for help but they need content to be put in front of their eyes, don't be afraid to write a blog post for them. They will appreciate the information and your company might get some more business out of it as well!

Tip # 7: Use links

Link out to other helpful articles related to what you are discussing - this is known as back linking; it helps others find what they need quicker and can assist with your SEO efforts.

Tip # 8: Use keywords in your content strategically

When you are creating blog posts, it is important that the words you use are related and specific so search engines will pick up what you are trying to say more accurately. You could also add SEO information into other parts of your site such as headers or footers for people who might land there randomly from Google's web crawlers. For example "SEO" could be used as an acronym with definitions every few sentences instead of just one time in the end.

Tip # 9: Use a Content Management System to Manage Your Website

Using a CMS such as WordPress can make your life easier and more efficient! It saves you time by managing content, images, plugins and themes. This is perfect for someone who may not have the knowledge or time to do this themselves. If you are interested in using one then check out our blog post on how to choose a good website builder.

Tip # 10: Keep your site updated with fresh and new content

It is important for you to keep your website as up-to-date as possible. This includes not only posts but also videos or podcasts which are relevant and current. Content should be original, engaging, informative -and most of all - fresh! If people find an article helpful they will share it and if it becomes popular enough, Facebook will start suggesting it when someone visits Facebook -- this increases traffic to your blog .

Thanks to Oana Gheorghita from SOEM Digital for her input with this article.  If you want to know more about SEO for your VA website then you can contact her here.